A walk with my Father,

Should always be,

A safe place to walk,

A place to be free.


Freedom to talk about,

My most secret thoughts,

No fear of rejection,

Or of getting caught.


My Father gave me a mind,

And freedom of choice too.

He always allows me to do,

Whatever I want to do.


But a loving Father also,

Wants to keep me from harm,

So He gave me a conscience,

To hear the warning alarm.


He will walk beside me,

And He will show me the way,

But I need to walk beside Him,

Every single hour of the day.


I need to read His law,

And abide by the house rules,

If I have any questions,

I know the One to talk to.


This daily walk with Him,

Is a time to share my fears,

It’s a time to rejoice,

And a time to wipe away tears.


He keeps the lines open,

But we must do our part,

So walk with the Father,

And share with Him your heart.

TRW 6-24-10

Rom. 10:17 …faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God. 


Communication is a two way event. There has to one to talk and one to listen. When we talk to God, He listens and the more we talk to Him, the more we will hear His voice and purpose for our lives. Then it is our time to listen. Communication and communion with God becomes one and the same. When you accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior, the Holy Spirit enters your very being and allows you to speak to God the Father through His son who sacrificed everything to open the doors to Your Father. For any relationship to flourish, the lines of communication must stay open and honest. God understands our weaknesses and imperfections, but expects us to keep learning and improving our lives and telling others about His love, so take time to talk to Him every day.