“A New Season”

Poetry journal was the econd journal written and published by Theresa Womeldorf.

It was completed in November of 2014..

Theresa gets her inspiration from the Word of God through many different ministers that she respects as well as having a heart for people who suffer the attacks of the devil.

She feels that this ia a way that she can comfort others through the love of God.

A sample of the work is on the following page.(228 pages 7.44×9.69”) Available on:


Create Space.com



Value in My Season

I am different than you,

And that’s okay with me.

I am a unique creation,

The one God wanted me to be.


There is value in my season,

The intended one from God above.

My gift was for my season,

Covered with grace and love.


Sometimes I wish I was more like you,

But that was not intended for me.

I need to appreciate my season,

The one I could not foresee.


I will meditate on Your Word,

To realize the value of my season.

There is an appointed time for me,

Only God knows the reason.


I have to be thankful,

For what I was meant to be.

I might miss my mission at times,

When I was too busy to see.


To see my gift for what it is,

To use it in the right place,

God will stay faithful to the plan,

So I must see His grace.


Grace to use my season,

Wisdom to follow the plan,

Until I am in my perfect season,

Which will be in the promised land.


TRW 5-22-14

2 Timothy 4:2

Preach the word; be instant in season, out of season; reprove, rebuke, exhort with all longsuffering and doctrine.

Since we do not know when our season is….. we must be ready at any time. We have to keep prayed up, praised up and built up, to do what God intends for us. Many times we do not even know what our gifts are, but we have to have open ears, eyes and hearts, to be able to get a feel for our purpose in this life. Look at the gifts mentioned in the scripture. You may see something that you seem to be a “natural” at. The real question is, “How does God want you to use this?” I am still working on the answer myself and as long as I keep trying, I know that He sees everything that I try to do for His glory. As long as God is in control of my season, I will be okay and someday He will show me how I helped bring people to Him.