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“From Darkness to Light” is the 5th poetry journal written and published by Theresa Womeldorf.

Theresa believes that if a person is inspired by God’s Word and they reflect on the Word, it will cause them to want to talk to God or to communicate with Him and it is through this communication that we receive revelation and a deeper understanding of life and of the world to come. God’s Word calls each of us to share the responsibility of our brother’s salvation.

She hopes that this method of study and reflection will help others in their Christian walk.

A sample of the work is on the following page.(218 pages 6.69×9.61”) Available on:


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From Darkness into Light

Take me Lord Jesus,

From the darkness into light.

Let me have Your heart,

And open my eyes to Your sight.

Let me see others,

With the love from your eyes.

Let me use Your heart,

So loving and so wise.


Let me see the promise of tomorrow,

Instead of what I witness today.

My hope lies in Your grace,

As I think of You and pray.

Lord guide me and make me,

To be the light in a dark place.

Let others see You in me,

And love flowing from Your face.


The love and Your kindness,

The forgiveness of our sins,

To see your hand outstretched,

At heaven’s gate, to let us in.

Let me see the little things,

That cause my heart to smile,

Knowing it all comes from you.

You are with me all the while.


You walk with me in darkness,

And you bring me from despair.

I can always count on you.

Because You always care.

You care that I am happy.

You care that my soul is well.

You lifted me from the darkness.

You save my soul from hell.

TRW 7-23-15