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“Committed to the Journey” is the 6th poetry journal written and published by Theresa Womeldorf.

Theresa believes that if a person is inspired by God’s Word and they reflect on the Word, it will cause them to want to talk to God or to communicate with Him and it is through this communication that we receive revelation and a deeper understanding of life and of the world to come. God’s Word calls each of us to share the responsibility of our brother’s salvation.

She hopes that this method of study and reflection will help others in their Christian walk.

A sample of the work is on the following page.(222 pages 6.69×9.61”) Available on:


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Committed to the Journey

Waiting on the promise,
That God has planned for me.
I will submit myself to the process,
And stay committed to the journey.

Waiting can be frustrating,
As we want things done our way,
Instead of waiting on God’s plan,
We, too often, will go astray.

As we try to fix the problem,
We come up with our own goal.
We try to do things in our time table,
As we try to make things whole.

Then we create a bigger mess,
Because we force the issue,
Instead of waiting on God,
And find His Word as true.

It’s hard to submit to,
The time that it may take,
But our Jesus is the way,
And God still holds the gate.

Our Jesus is the door to salvation.
He is the way to love and peace.
His way is the best way,
To give our soul release.

Released to do His will,
Released to follow His way,
Until we have finished our task,
And we’re in heaven to stay.

We have so many promises,
But the “wait” is often there.
We must be committed to the journey,
With our God who will always care.
TRW 10-01-15