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“Through My Window” is the 4th poetry journal written and published by Theresa Womeldorf.

Theresa believes that  if a person is inspired by God’s Word and they reflect on the Word, it will cause them to want to talk to God or to communicate with Him and it is through this communication that we receive revelation and a deeper understanding of life and of the world to come. God’s Word calls each of us to share the responsibility of our brother’s salvation.

She hopes that this method of study and reflection will help others in their Christian walk.

A sample of the work is on the following page.(212 pages 6.69×9.61”) Available on:


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Through My Window

As the light shines through my window,

And I feel the warmth of its rays,

I think of how good God has been to me,

And how He is with me every day.

I thought back over my time on earth,

And the gift of His love for me.

I thought of the good times and the sad,

And how He carried me faithfully.

I look at my husband next to me,

And the years we have been through.

I am so thankful for his steadfast love,

And how our bond of marriage grew.

The light in my window grew brighter,

From one son, to two, to three.

Tears fill my eyes with love for them,

And how precious each one is to me.

And then their love burned brighter,

With great ladies at their sides,

As I witness the Son flowing in their homes,

Where they chose Jesus to come and abide.

That gives me the hope and assurance,

That God will see them through,

The good times and the bad times,

As He did for me and my partner too.

The rays of the Son grew even brighter,

As He covered us with special gifts.

The grandchildren glow like crystals,

And give our older years a lift.

So as the sun sets in the evening,

And gives off a radiant glow,

I can see God in my family,

As they continue to love and to grow.


My faith is like that open window,

Where I have seen my family grow,

And I am thankful for my Father God,

That my family has come to know.

His love came through my window,

And warmed my heart and soul.

He kept our love safe inside,

And made my family whole.

I rest in the warmth of that window,

As I go to my knees to pray,

And thank God for His light in my life,

And that He stayed with me every day.

TRW 3-07-15


John 8:12

Then spake Jesus again unto them, saying, I am the light of the world: he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life.


When I awoke this morning and felt the sun coming through the window and listened to the soft breathing of my husband next to me, I instantly thought about how blessed I really am. As I get older and become part of the older generation, I have time to reflect on God’s mercy and love. I realize that every day is a blessing. I think about God’s protection over my life without reviewing the pain in the past. I, instead choose to go forward and think of my children, their spouses and the grandchildren. I can rest in a warm peace, knowing that they know and love God. This warms my soul and lets me know that God’s merciful hand has held us through our lives.