Look at Your Vision


Look at your vision,

Instead of what is wrong.

Don’t let woe and misery,

Be your everyday song.


Change what you can,

Letting go of some things too.

Learn to live in His peace,

And do what you can do.


Make your choice now.

Choice is yours every day.

Some things are harder than others,

So you need to pray for the way.


Call on His Holy Name,

Every time you need to make a choice.

He does not get tired of His children.

He loves to hear your voice.


You do not need to complain,

But bring your expectancy to Him.

Live with your mind uplifted,

And He can help you to win.


You are so important to Him,

Even if you feel, you are so small.

He loves you beyond all measure.

He sees you as able and standing tall.


You are perfectly capable,

To do what you need to do,

But call on His Name for faith,

To help you carry through.

TRW 7-21-16


Philippians 4:6

Be careful for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God.


Every time you are in a situation in your life that you are not comfortable with, go back to your vision and see if that circumstance lines up with the vision that God has given you for your life. If the desired outcome does not line up with your vision, then get out of that situation. Many people feel like they have no specific vision in their life, and that becomes tougher, because they will wander about and go down roads that may be filled with distress. Take time to think of what you think your purpose id in life and try to line up your life with that purpose. Ask yourself how is that circumstance going to help you reach your goal. Churches and business have a vision statement, to keep on track of where they plan to go and what they want to accomplish. They don’t just “wing-it” and hope things turn out right. We need to stay focused on our vision to move forward. We need to make sure that our vision lines up with the Word of God.