The Table Has Been Set

The table has been set,

By Jesus Christ our King.

He welcomes all sinners,

To the nourishment He brings.


He does not just invite one,

But opens His house for many.

He has a wonderful feats set.

He offers a table of plenty.


He offers the essentials.

He offers more than just meat.

He also offers us our wants.

He has an abundance of sweets.


This food has the nourishment,

To help us live each day,

Invite others to the feast.

Don’t let them go astray


We need to gather others,

So that they too may eat.

He has a setting for each one.

He has a special seat.


It is a seat of glory.

It is a seat of peace and love.

This table will never be empty,

As His grace flows from above.


This meal is perfection.

He has the finest food.

He loves each guest equally,

Both the bad and the good.



He can change each life,

With the fruit of theWord.

This food provides health,

In a weak and dying world.


The table has been set,

By Jesus Christ our King.

He welcomes all sinners,

Where saints and angels sing.


TRW 8-1-16


Luke 15:2

And the Pharisees and scribes murmured, saying, This man receiveth sinners, and eateth with them.


Church is not meant for just believers. Jesus set the table for sinners who could come and be nourished with the Word of God. We also need to be able to set a good example for those in the world who do not know about our loving God. We need to provide a good taste in their mouth and invigorate their minds. Sinners are the same as saints, except they have not been eating the right food. You are what you eat. If you eat junk, your body cannot run as well as if you were eating a well-rounded diet. The Holy Scripture supplies a well- rounded

way of life. It supplies nourishment for the soul, so that the soul prospers. Set a table of plenty for any one you meet, as Jesus Christ did. Welcome them all to come and dine.