Take Time on the Journey


Life is a long journey,

To be traveled every day.

I will stop and listen,

To what You have to say.

I need to look to others,

To help open their way.

I need to get my mind off me,

And share with others every day.


I need to clear my mind,

To find the right path.

Eternal life is what matters.

Heaven will always last.

If we do for ourselves,

What we want others to do,

We have blocked the path,

Of what God planned for you.


We are to do unto others,

As you want others to do unto you.

They are also on their journey,

So help them travel too.

Offer God your best,

Thinking of Him first.

He will supply your needs,

If you hunger and you thirst.


Be humble on your journey.

Open your mind and your heart.

Your joy will be doubled,

Every day when you start.

Every day is a beginning.

Every day has its end.

Take time on your journey,

To be a loving friend.

TRW 8-08-16

Mark 6:8

And commanded them that they should take nothing for their journey, save a staff only; no scrip, no bread, no money in their purse:


If you take nothing on your journey, you can focus on God and His love and mercy and grace. If we concentrate on “things” which satisfy our flesh man, we may lose track of our purpose in life. God wants to supply our needs, but He also can shower us with other blessings. We need to keep our focus on Him and not on things. If we are showered with blessings, then we should tell them where our source is and to share with others. Every day presents its own problems and its own blessings.