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God is With You


God is with you,

Everywhere you go.

He is there in the storm,

As you’re tossed to and fro.

He’s with you in the good times,

When the sun is shining through.

He’s with you when you laugh,

And in the sad moments too.


God wants your worship,

Every moment of your life,

Through tears of sadness,

In your daily turmoil and strife.

He loves to see you laugh.

It is good for the soul.

He loves when you’re broken,

But He wants to make you whole.


God wants your chatter.

He wants your friendship too.

He wants to be your partner.

He wants to go with you.

He is with you when you sleep.

He is there at work too.

So act like His child,

And do what you should do.


Open up your heart.

Open your soul to Him.

Be reassured always,

He is there to see you win.

He means for you to win.

He does not want you to lose.

Your destination for your life,

Is there for you to choose.

TRW 8-06-16

Hebrews 13:5

Let your conversation be without covetousness; and be content with such things as ye have: for he hath said, I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee.

A person should realize that God is with you every day of your life. That will give you all the comfort that you need to be able to walk through the hard times and the gratefulness for the good times. God wants to see you smile and laugh and yet does not leave you in the tough and sad times. He will not turn from you when you have tears. He will be there to hold you and to protect you from the harm of Satan. He is your greatest promoter of your prosperity and your self-assurance. He does not expect you to pray all day long but wants you to be in communion with Him at all times. His presence is with you, just like the clothes you wear. The Bible speaks of joy frequently, and the Name of the Lord should bring happiness to you in the middle of your life. Enjoy right living.