No Longer Worthy


I am no longer worthy,

Of my Father’s great love.

How can He still cover,

My life from up above?

I have been foolish,

And have turned the other way.

I was dissatisfied with life,

And decided to go astray.


I made this bad decision.

I desired what was wrong.

I thought I could be happier,

By singing Satan’s song.

One step seemed exciting,

The next one better yet.

Then I kept going further.

Those steps I still regret.


Everything felt so good,

But then I entered that place,

Where I realized I was away,

And had fallen from God’s grace.

I was so confused then,

And felt so all alone.

Then I remembered my Father,

That was waiting for me at home.


Although, no longer walking,

I saw my Father’s face.

I remembered His kindness,

And longed for His embrace.

I went back to His presence,

And fell down on my face,

When I knew that I was covered,

By His Amazing Grace.


He covered me with His robe,

And gave me His signet ring.

I heard heaven’s door open,

And I heard the angels sing.

I finally was there,

I was in my Father’s home.

I was filled with His peace,

And would never more roam.


I realized His true love.

I experienced His grace,

As He lifted me up,

So I could see His face.

TRW 9-20-16


Psalms 30:1

(A Psalm and Song at the dedication of the house of David.) I will extol thee, O LORD; for thou hast lifted me up, and hast not made my foes to rejoice over me.

God is watching and waiting for us to realize when we have made a mistake. He is there to lift us up out of the mess we made. He covers us with His robe as if nothing ever happened. He shares with us the riches of His glory. We are no longer broken, but whole. We are no longer lost, but found. We no longer need to walk in the fear of the night, but can rest in the comfort of His love and mercy. That is the God we are meant to serve.