I am an “Original”,

Formed by God’s own hand.

I was born on purpose.

My purpose has been planned.

I have an original mind.

My body is all mine too.

I have so many intricate parts,

So that I can do what I need to do.

I am not perfect and yet,

I am perfect in every way.

I am an “Original”,

And I am here to stay.

I have special parts,

Not just my body and my hair.

I have a unique heart,

That is full of love and care.

I have a soul inside of me,

His Spirit directs my future.

I will imitate my Father,

The One who guides and nurtures.

I will follow my purpose.

I will complete my task.

Here I am Lord,

Let me do whatever you ask.

I am an “Original”.

I am perfect in every way.

My God is working in me.

He is part of me to stay.

TRW 10-11-16

Genesis 1:27


So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.


You are okay, just being who you are, because the Creator of the Universe made you who you are. You may have some imperfections and flaws, by your standards or what the world puts up there as the perfect being. The only perfect being is God Himself, but He made you and He does not make junk. You are gifted and talented and you need to use those gifts to give God the glory. Walk as a child of the King and His perfect creation. All creations, by man, has imperfections, but God cannot create a failure. He does give us a choice in our path. The path we take does influence who we become. We can walk in perfection or in destruction. Treat yourself like the perfect creation that God made.