Trusting in God


God truly blesses His servants,

He will make your path clear.

You are special to Him,

And He holds your life dear.


If you trust in your own work,

To survive every day.

You will find that you have failed,

And in that failure you will stay.


Step out in faith in God,

Trust Him with your life.

Depend on Him for protection,

And delivery from pain and strife.


Trust Him in good times,

And lean on Him in the bad.

Give Him your praise daily,

Even when you are sad.


Trust Him with your worries,

For you are important to Him.

He sent His Son to us,

So that we all could win.


Do not try to walk through,

This difficult life all alone.

Cast your care upon the Lord.

Offer your love and your home.


Give what is important to you,

Trust Him with it all.

He can lift you up high,

And keep you from the fall.


TRW 10-14-16

Matthew 6:24


No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon. where your treasure is there your heart is there also


We have to trust God more than we do money. We have to look to Him on what we can do for Him, rather than to see how much we can make each day. We have to trust on His will more than we do our own desires. As weak men, we have wants that may not even be good for us, so we need to trust in God for those choices to be good. If everything you do is for money and financial increase, you are on the wrong path. Money can be a good thing, but it cannot buy love, health or happiness. God can supply all those things, so lean on Him for His love and grace.  If your treasure is your relationship with God, then you will spend time building that relationship, by spending quality time with God.