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Give Me One More Day


Give me one more day,

To be more like Him,

To walk in freedom,

And to turn away from sin.

Let His grace empower me,

As I have never seen before.

I want to be more like Him,

And learn to love Him more.


I was made in His image,

And in His likeness and love,

So let me represent my Father,

From His heart up above.

Let His love flow through me,

Let His grace be in my veins,

So that none of me is left,

And only He remains.


Let me forget all my wants,

And not be concerned over my needs.

He died for my sins,

And covered my bad deeds.

He knows what I look like.

He resides in my very soul.

Without Him I am nothing,

But with Him I am whole.


When I was yet a sinner,

He invited me in with care.

He told me what He could offer,

And how much He had to share.

But it was not about the things,

That could come from my God above.

It was about His infinite mercy,

And His abounding perfect love.


A love He is willing to share,

A love that He is willing to give.

He sent His only Son,

So that each of us could live.

To live with Him forever,

Has become my goal in life,

Where I will know no pain,

And be freed from fear and strife.


He made me for a purpose,

And for Him I will live.

He said to love one another,

And be willing to forgive.

Look at others through His eyes,

And all that you will see,

Is another child of the King,

Working on their eternity.

TRW 10-16-16


John 14:23

Jesus answered and said unto him, If a man love me, he will keep my words: and my Father will love him, and we will come unto him, and make our abode with him.

There are no sweeter words that; that The Father and the Son will make their abode with us, if we love Him. Abode means to abide or make a dwelling place with us. When you welcome Jesus into your heart, you are asking Him into your soul to dwell and live with you forever. I find great comfort to know that He stays with me wherever I go. If I put Him first, I will act on His behalf and bring more people to know Him and to serve Him and fulfill their purpose in life as well.