A Place to Pray


I find comfort in that quiet place.

It is my quiet place to pray.

It’s a place where I can go,

To talk to my God each day.


It may be in the woods,

Or it may be by the lake.

Find a quiet time with God,

No matter what it takes.


It may be at you bedside,

As you get down on your knees.

It is where you meet with God,

To say thank you and please.


It is a place without interruption,

Where you can clear your mind.

You need to talk with your Father,

Who is all loving and all kind.


Life can be complicated and busy,

But you can find the space,

To go to your Father alone,

To that secret, quiet place.


It is a place to find solace,

To your troubled soul.

When you are broken in two,

It is here that you become whole.


No one can give you the answer,

That you alone need to hear.

Our God is always listening,

To His children who are so dear.


TRW 10-22-16

Matthew 6:6

But thou, when thou prayest, enter into thy closet, and when thou hast shut thy door, pray to thy Father which is in secret; and thy Father which seeth in secret shall reward thee openly.

Everyone needs some quiet time to spend with God. It is there in that private place, that you will feel His total attention, because you have taken time to give Him your total attention. It is amazing how a child who is disruptive and demanding in a group, can be patient and calm and sweet, when they have your undivided attention. We all crave “being special” to someone. God is that “Someone” who will always take time to listen to you. If your life is so busy, that you feel you have no quiet place, try talking to God on your way to and from work. Turn off the radio and talk out loud. Just by talking to God out loud, there is a peace that will come over you, because you have talked to “Someone” who listens with His heart and really knows your inner thoughts. You can share your good times and bad times, your peace and your fears.  These are the most important conversations of your day and your life. Talk to the One who can make a difference in your life