The anointing that is on me,

Is from God’s Spirit above.

It is a change in my life.

It is a transfer of His love.


I have been given a gift.

It is as wonderful as it can be.

It is just for me from God,

Who does all things perfectly.


God does all things on purpose,

There is no mistake in who you are.

You were specially created,

Just like every moon and star.


Your light is meant to shine.

You are not to walk in the dark.

You are to walk in His light.

You are meant to leave a mark.


You have to be a willing vessel,

For the anointing to overflow.

It is a supernatural thing,

To know just what you know.


You can be anointed in your job,

You can be anointed in your walk.

It will show in how you live.

It will show in how you talk.


God gave you feathers to fly,

But you have to take the leap.

It is a leap of faith.

His anointing is not meant to sleep.


TRW 10-31-16

Philippians 2:5


 Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus:


Before Jesus public ministry, he was tested in the wilderness by Satan. After He was tempted in every way, Satan left Him for a while. Jesus was anointed by the Holy Spirit so that He could do what His Father asked for Him to do.  Jesus used this anointing and walked with it through the rest of His life. The anointing by the Spirit kept Him focused on His purpose for His life. Jesus never changed regardless of the circumstances placed before Him. Jesus could not separate Himself from His Father. We have likewise been anointed by His Holy Spirit when we accepted Jesus into our lives. We need to accept that anointing and learn to walk in it, to be able to do the will of God.