photo by Janie Anderson

Look to God


Look to God to heal your body.

Look to Him to refresh your soul.

His grace is all sufficient.

He alone can make you whole.

Without Him you will be missing,

The real source of your life.

He is the reason we are living.

It is He who handles our strife.


Look to God for your direction.

Look to Him to open the way.

He created you for a purpose,

But this is not where you are to stay.

Without Him you will be hungry.

You will know something is amiss.

You cannot fill the void in your life.

It is a feeling that you can’t dismiss.


Look to God for your completeness.

He has things set up for you.

Just talk to Him in your quiet times,

For the revelation to come through.

Without Him, there is an emptiness,

That Satan’s evil  is eager to fill.

Don’t give the devil a chance,

To get you to do his will.


Everyone has a choice to make,

A direction for their lives.

It is for a life of peace with God,

Or with Satan’s confusion and strife.

It is easy to be deceived in the battle,

Of knowing which way to go,

So look only to God above,

So that good seeds you will sow.

TRW 11-16-16

Job 8:13

So are the paths of all that forget God; and the hypocrite’s hope shall perish 


We all have to make a choice in life. To not make a choice is a choice for Satan. If we have a void in our lives, Satan will fill that void with His negativism, his lies and his will for your life. Satan goofed up and has an eternal battle going on. We each are in this battle; the battel of good or of evil. The choice should be easy; good over bad, joy over sad, truth over lies, Eternal happiness in heaven over an eternity in hell, of total suffering. Go to God for the answers to life.