Where Were You Lord?


Where were you Lord,

And why did that happen to me?

I thought with you in my soul.

I thought I could walk free.


Free from turmoil and pain,

Free of all forms of distress,

I thought life would be great,

But I find myself in a mess.


Where is Your goodness?

Where is Your amazing grace?

Is it the lack of my faith,

That has brought pain to my face?


Is it my trust and faith,

And not You that is not right?

Is it me who has walked away,

In the middle of this fight?


Is this the battle You speak of Lord,

When Satan is messing with my head,

When I feel so lost and alone,

In a place so dry and dead ?


I need to reach into my faith,

That I felt at one time,

To feel the comfort of Your presence,

To feel that peace so sublime.


It’s not You Lord that has left.

It is me who has walked away.

I did not stand firm in my faith,

At the end of each day.


I will still trust You Lord,

Even in the middle of my mess.

I can trust in Your presence.

You can see me in distress.


As I wait for Your mercy,

I will stand in faith and peace.

I will continue to trust You Lord,

As Your love will never cease.

TRW 11-22-16


John 11:40

Jesus saith unto her, Said I not unto thee, that, if thou wouldest believe, thou shouldest see the glory of God?

 When we are discouraged in life, Satan uses that time to taunt us and tell us that God does not care. We may not feel God’s presence nor His peace and love. We feel like He has not listened to our pleas and our prayers. There are times when we just do not understand why God had not answered our prayers, especially when it comes to the death of a loved one. We may pray and believe that our family member will live and that a miracle will happen because of our faith and God’s goodness. When it does not happen, we are at a very fragile time in our faith walk. These times take courage to continue to believe in God’s love. God may not deliver you from that problem, but He delivers you through the problem. Even when you felt your heart would break in two, it did not. When you look back, you can see more clearly, how God helped you and was standing by you through this trial.  Your faith has been made stronger, rather than weaker. We have had to learn to trust in God’s wisdom, timing, mercy, and love. We find comfort in His promise of eternity in heaven with our loved ones who have been saved. That is the ultimate promise of God. Stand in faith.