Words of Life


Watch what you say.

Use words of life,

To build up another,

Not to cause scars and strife.

Words cannot be taken back,

So use your words well.

Don’t use the heat of the moment,

To make you scream and yell.


Those words will sting the soul.

They may break another’s heart.

Be aware of your intentions,

Before you let the words start.

You may be sorry for what you said,

But the scars are already there.

Overcome evil with good,

To show them how much you care.


You may be hurt yourself,

But you must keep control.

You cannot break another,

And expect them to stay whole.

You have crushed their dreams.

That moment, turns into years.

The scars have hardened their heart.

Words go way beyond the tears.


Think before you speak.

Don’t put another down.

Can you cause a smile,

Or bring the burden of a frown?

Your simple words might cause,

A lifetime full of grief.

It is an act of the devil,

That steals joy like a thief.


Don’t take another’s joy.

Take time before you start.

What you say can lift the soul.

Don’t cause a broken heart.

TRW 11-27-16


Ephesians 4:29 

 Let no corrupt communication proceed out of your mouth, but that which is good to the use of edifying, that it may minister grace unto the hearers.


Some people are “right fighters”. They will argue over anything. In any argument, someone has to be right and someone has to be wrong. The person who is right seems to get satisfaction from that, but they need to be aware that the other person’s feelings may be hurt in the process. Those bad feelings have placed a wedge in-between you and them. Think before you start, if it will destroy the other person. When tempers are flaring, it is time to pause. Do not just let anything fly out of your mouth. Those words cannot be taken back, once they are heard by another person. There are some things that may cause adversity, especially when it comes to choices of good or evil. Then, we must use the Words of God. We can do this with loving kindness. It does not have to be a fight. God’s words are words of love and peace, so they should not come out mean. We must think, even before we talk about God, if we are talking to a non-believer. Do not turn Christianity into a fight. You are entitled to your belief and you do not have to enter into controversy over it.  Hurtful words cannot be taken back.