The Right Thing


I want to do the right thing.

I gave my heart to You.

I need to find the way,

To find my way through.

I am in the middle of a desert,

Where my bones have grown dry.

I cannot see the light of day,

Because of the tears I’ve cried.


My heart is growing cold,

Through the trials and snares.

I am losing my vision,

Of the One who always cares.

I feel so lost in theses messes.

My mind is weary and tired.

I know that you are watching.

You are the One I admire.


One burden after another,

Have been placed in my way.

I am losing my direction,

To where I want to stay.

You are the Right Way,

And the only way I should go,

As I fight these raging seas,

That toss me to and fro.


You have not left me,

But I have turned my head.

As I look away from You,

I have the feeling of dread.

I will get my focus back.

I can put my head on straight.

I will call on my Navigator,

Who is standing at Heaven’s gate.

TRW 11-29-16

Psalms 119:98

Thou through thy commandments hast made me wiser than mine enemies: for they are ever with me.

It is God’s Word that gives us hope, even when we feel drained of all energy. Energy has momentum and it is always moving. When our soul is growing dry, because of the trials that we face every day, we need to reach for the Word of God ( the source of our energy). The Holy Scripture has the answers for everything we ever need. It can reach our level of understanding because God’s Spirit is in us. He will give us the revelation of what the Word means to us at every stage of our life. It is the universal language. It is the language of love and of hope. It is faith in God that brings us through every trial that we walk through. I love the song, “He’ll Do It Again”. It is His promise that He will never leave or forsake us. If we have God on our side, we have nothing to worry about. God cannot lose, so we cannot lose. He’s got this circumstance covered today, and He already has tomorrow covered as well. God’s Word will strengthen us during our trials. Our life will get better.