Fond Memories of  Senora Ramona by Ignacio Alcantera


A Time of Memories


Christmas is a time of memories,

Of days that are now past.

But love and tenderness,

Is a season that will always last.

It is a gift from our Father,

Who can read our hearts.

He created us with love.

That’s where love got its start,


There are beautiful moments of happiness,

That I did not recognize at the time;

Time so simple, yet intimate,

Yet everlasting in my mind.

It may be a special smell,

That lingers in the air.

That brings back those moments,

That are treasures beyond compare.


Even death cannot separate,

The special moments on earth.

God gives us these memories,

Because He knows what they are worth.

They are beautiful like diamonds,

That sparkle in the sun.

Memories are worth their weight in gold,

When you miss that special one.


So celebrate the memories of the past.

They are yours forevermore.

God will give you a peace,

Like you’ve never had before.

It comes from His assurance,

That the best is yet to come,

When we celebrate in heaven,

And see that special one.


The one who gave such happiness,

And can yet bring a smile.

They will tell you they’ve been waiting,

And watching you for a while.

They have a direct connection,

To our Father God right now.

They are asking Him for favor,

That will cover you somehow.


They want you to have a peace,

That only His Word can bring,

As they sit at the Christmas feast,

Of Jesus, their glorious King.


TRW 12-01-16


2 Corinthians 5:8

We are confident, I say, and willing rather to be absent from the body, and to be present with the Lord.

The holiday season makes us realize how much we miss our family members that have gone to heaven before us. We have such a hole in our hearts, that it seems impossible to fill. The only thing that should go into that hole is our great memories. We have to look at life fondly for the good times, as we let go of the times of hurt, trials and disappointment.  Death cannot take our memories away from us and we should smile at the little things that are so precious as we look back. We need to celebrate life and all it has to hold. We cannot take for granted that our family and friends will be with us tomorrow, so celebrate the time you have with them today. Jesus came to earth, as the purest form of love and peace. So every day should be like Christmas, when we celebrate His birth. Treasure the love of friends and family.