photo by Carly Womeldorf

A Kindness Like This


A kindness like this.

Is such a special kind.

It rekindles the spirit,

And calms the raging mind.

Kindness has no judgement.

It is offered from the heart.

There are so many hurting people,

That we each need to do our part.


Be willing to help another traveler,

As they are struggling through life.

You may be the one thing that day,

That lessens their toil and strife.

You may be the living example,

Of what God wants you to be.

You may be opening the way,

To another person’s eternity.


Kindness like this comes from,

Knowing God personally.

There is enough love flowing,

That it spills over easily.

Kindness brings a calmness,

Like the peace that Jesus showed.

Christian love comes from,

Following the Master we know.


You’ll want to share His Spirit,

That lives inside of you.

Kindness does not stay still,

But has to help another too.

Kindness is not kindness,

Unless it is shared.

Jesus taught us kindness.

To show how much He cared.

TRW 12-07-16

Psalm 26:3

For thy lovingkindness is before mine eyes: and I have walked in thy truth.


I like the word kindness. I would like for people to say that I was kind to everyone I had met. Jesus was kind to people that He had never met. He was kind, even if He knew their past. When He did this, they were all astonished that this person called Jesus, showed them love, even when the world hated them and even if their sins made them unworthy of kindness. We cannot do enough to be worthy of God’s love. God loves us because He is love. He can be trusted with your inner most concerns and fears. Kindness brings about trust. People can rest in peace, when they get rid of all deceit and lies. Lies cause confusion. Confusion causes turmoil. And turmoil causes distrust. It is an endless life of confusion. If Satan can cause you to be confused, you cannot be kind. You will respond in anger instead of kindness. A person who walks in a close relationship with God, the Father of peace, will walk in calmness and in peace. Kindness toward others will be the result. What is in you, will flow out of you. There is a saying that says: “junk in, junk out”. If you allow junk to enter into your mind, then junk will come out. Be careful of what you feed your soul and your spirit. Feed it the kindness of Jesus, so that kindness will come out.