On the Potter’s Wheel


Enjoy every moment,

While you’re on the Potter’s wheel.

He is taking His time.

Your name is in His will.


Treasure every turn,

As He peels the layers away.

You are a special creation,

Formed in a special way.


Your victories are highlights,

In a long and treacherous life.

He is removing the blemishes,

As you walk through trials and strife.


Every round you succeed,

Every good thing that is done,

Is through the Works of Jesus,

The Potter’s only Son.


Jesus can make you perfect,

Even when  mistakes have been made.

He is focusing on your progress.

Your life is not a charade.


He knows your special purpose.

The Potter breathed it in your soul.

Jesus took the blemished pieces.

He made the brokenness whole.


You were bought for a price.

And perfect you became.

When you accepted the Son,

You were imprinted with God’s name.


TRW 12-11-16

Romans 9:21

Hath not the potter power over the clay, of the same lump to make one vessel unto honour, and another unto dishonour?

Life is a process of being perfected. We all make mistakes and those mistakes either break us or make us stronger. Those who are made stronger are those who accepted Jesus as their Savior. They realized their sins, and asked for forgiveness. When this happened, they were placed back on the Potter’s wheel and the imperfections were covered by a special clay, that did not just cover the blemishes, but actually took them away. This special clay is the grace of God. He remembers those sins no more. He is working on a masterpiece that is part of the kingdom of heaven. This vessel can carry His precious Word to others  This, once broken, vessel will lead others to the Potter’s wheel where they also can be made perfect. Every turn and every layer in life has a purpose for God’s will. Be content while you are on the Potter’s wheel and marvel at how God’s hand is upon you as you are being perfected. Don’t throw away what had been broken, but use what has been fixed.