Here I Am Again


Here I am again Lord.

I’ve been down this road before.

There is one difference Lord.

I want to know You more.


I have found many heartaches,

And I’ve know much pain.

Now I come to You Lord,

So You can help explain.


Explain why I get so lost,

And always change direction.

I never seem to find the right road.

All I find is imperfection.


I’ve been told of a perfect God,

And how He loves my soul.

I need to feel Your presence Lord,

So my broken pieces can be whole.


I will talk more with You,

And listen for Your voice.

Maybe with Your Spirit Lord,

I can make the right choice.


You are my only hope.

I feel lost and all alone.

I need Your promise of paradise,

And that heaven will be my home.


Here I am again Lord,

But You will see a different face.

I feel the presence of Your glory,

And the covering of Your grace.



My walk will be much smoother,

With You by my side.

I will choose the right direction.

In Your love I will abide.

TRW 12-13-16


Luke 19:10

 For the Son of man is come to seek and to save that which was lost.


Jesus is referred to as the Good Shepherd. He can keep track of all of His sheep and if one is lost, He will go to find them and bring them back to the safety of the flock, so that they will not be devoured by wolves. There are so many people who are hurting in the world today and feel so lost. They do not know about the One who can bring them back to safety. They need to be told about Jesus and how much He loves them and that He not only forgives their sins, but remembers them no more. He is not going to judge them ever again after they have asked for forgiveness. He sees them as someone special and worthy of His love. He can help keep them on the right track, but they must be willing to listen and want to believe in what He has to offer. They may need to be told about Him over and over, because their self- esteem is so low after they have made so many mistakes. Be willing to show them the love of God and His mercy, by showing them your love and acceptance.