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I Come Bearing Fruit


I come bearing fruit,

That is good for you to eat.

It is the fruit of His Spirit,

That is fulfilling and sweet.


I will offer you His love,

Which is the best fruit of all.

It will lift you gently,

And keep you from the fall.


I offer you some joy,

When you need a loyal friend.

We are all sisters and brothers,

With one Father in the end.


I will offer you a peace,

When you have a rocky landing.

It is a peace beyond compare,

A peace beyond understanding.


I will be gentle in your suffering.

I will lovingly hold your hand.

I will remind you of our hope,

And our focus on His glorious land.


I will represent our Father,

And the goodness from His heart.

His Word is our strength.

It is the best place to start.


When we walk toward God,

And experience His grace,

We will have the fruits of His Spirit,

Flowing from our face.



We will have an abundance.

We will have all we’ll ever need.

I come bearing God’s fruit,

In words and in deeds.

TRW 12-16-16

Galatians 5:22

But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith,

The fruit of the Spirit come naturally when you consume the Word of God. When you fill yourself with good food, it produces good results. The saying “You are what you eat”, is true of the person who is walking closely with God. . The more you consume His Word, the sweeter you will become. His Word is all about love. When you feel loved, you will give love. When you really feel the love of God, it will flow out of you like a river. As His followers, we are to spread His words of love,  hope,  peace and of gentleness. We need to walk in faith through periods of suffering, because we know that God is watching us and will protect us from the evil one. Be the bearer of His good fruit to others.