Jesus is Our Joy


Jesus is our hope for tomorrow.

He is our joy for today.

He came to earth years ago,

So we could go to God and pray.


He became our Bridge,

His death became our door.

We can now talk directly to God.

He did that and so much more.


He took away the fear.

He restored our life with hope.

He left His Holy Spirit,

So every day we could cope.


We can cope with the trials.

We can walk in victory here.

He will cover up our sorrows,

And wipe away each tear.


He was born among the lambs,

In a lowly manger bed,

And left this world with a crown,

Of painful thorns upon His head.


He is sitting on a throne,

Next to His Father’s side.

He is preparing a place for us,

To live in peace and abide.


He will bring us to perfection,

When He takes us to heaven above,

To experience total peace,

And a pure and perfect love.


TRW 12-23-16


Hebrews 10:12


But this man, after he had offered one sacrifice for sins for ever, sat down on the right hand of God;


Jesus did it all for us. He gave His all for us. He brought us the freedom to talk with God any time and any place. There is no restriction in our walk with our Father. There is peace and joy to replace fear and rejection. We can walk in a confidence that was not possible in the Old Testament. We need to strive every day to live and walk in love. This is the law of the New Testament. Jesus brought us perfect love and asks that we love Him first and then love our neighbor as ourselves. The law of love takes care of all possible sins. If we strive to love every day, we can replace anxiety with joy. Christmas is a season of love and of eternal hope. That is a reason for great joy. Jesus is our joy.