Once you have been given,

A new life filled with love,

Youe must be nourished,

With nutrients from above.

You must guard against,

Anything that is bad.

You left a life of misery.

God does not want you sad.

He want you filled with happiness.

He has given you much grace,

His love should be evident,

By the glow on your face.

To nourish yourself every day,

Will keep you steadily strong.

It will lead you to what’s right,

And keep you from what’s wrong.


Your heart will stay strong,

And so will your soul,

With the proper nourishment,

You will remain well and whole.

All food is not good to eat,

Although it tastes so sweet.

You are likely to resemble,

What you choose to eat.
If you consume too much drama,

Every day that you live,

You will not see those hurting.

You will not be willing to forgive.

If you choose each meal wisely,

You will stay well and strong.

You will be able to discern,

The right from the wrong.


We must sit at the right table,

In order to avoid the stench of sin.

We must stay nourished and strong,

To eventually and completely win.

Consume His nutritious Word,

For breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Choose your food wisely,

So that you will be a winner.


TRW 1-07-17


1 Peter 2:2

As newborn babes, desire the sincere milk of the word, that ye may grow thereby:

When we have been born again, we are perfect with a brand new start. Unfortunately it does not take long for us to consume the wrong food and therefore weaken that strong soul. If we continue to feed the soul the wrong things, then it becomes weak and inefficient. It does not work like it is supposed to. What we take into our souls also comes out of our lives. We are a reflection of what we eat. We need to stay well- nourished in the Word so that we can stay strong and able to fight the battles that we must face through life. We want to be victorious. Learn to sit at the right table and stay well-nourished on purpose. Choose your foods wisely.