Yes or No


Do you have enough courage,

To say no to temptation and sin?

God wants us to be courageous.

He wants you to be able to win.

Do you know when to say Yes?

Do you have the courage to say No?

Can you discern the Word of God,

To tell you which way to go?

It takes courage to say yes,

When you are going a new way.

It takes greater will power,

To know when to turn away.

Your strength comes from the Lord,

No matter which way you turn.

Obedience to God’s guidance,

Is what you should always yearn.

You will face many tests in life,

In which way you are to take.

One will produce happiness,

And one will be a big mistake.

God will never tempt you to do evil.

You know sin does not come from Him.

Who is the source of your offer?

Is it leading you to heartache or sin?

Do you feel convicted at the offer,

Or do you feel a sense of peace?

Talk to God about your choices.

Ask Him to give you release.

Released to do His will,

To follow the purpose for your life.

Let your fears fall behind you.

Reach for happiness, not strife.

God sees your position right now.

He can open up a new path.

He will never leave you alone.

His strength will always last.

Feel confident to say yes,

And know when to say no.

With God as your guide,

You will know which way to go.

TRW 1-13-17


Psalms 119:35

Make me to go in the path of thy commandments; for therein do I delight.

Your purpose in life is to love and to serve God, so that should be your “ruler or yard-stick” to measure opportunities that present themselves to you in this life. Will the offer further the mission that God has for you. The offer may not look like it is filled with purpose, but God may have a purpose which He is setting before you. He may be placing people in your life that need help or guidance. Pray every day that if the opportunity to serve Him presents itself, that you will have your eyes opened and your heart ready. Be always in season, by praying; ready to  say “yes or no”, to best serve our Lord and Savior.