The Core of My Soul


When I woke up this morning,

I wanted to make today matter.

I have so much seed inside of me,

That I must be willing to scatter.


Where is the right field to sow?

What is the right kind of soil?

There is so much to do today,

But it does not come without toil.


What is in the core of my soul?

What is it I have to give?

I must be willing to take a chance,

To give another a chance to live.


I must scatter the seed with care.

My seed must be alive and new.

It must be sweet to the smell,

For His seed to follow through.


There is no need to waste time,

If the sowing is not done in love.

You represent our Lord and Savior,

And His grace from heaven above.


His Spirit is in the core of my soul,

So He can do the work through me.

It is not my seed that is planted,

But Jesus can set the captive free.


I will be His feet of confidence.

I will be His hands of love.

His Spirit is in the core of my soul,

And He will guide me from above.

TRW 1-18-16

Ephesian 5:14-17


14 Wherefore he saith, Awake thou that sleepest, and arise from the dead, and Christ shall give thee light.


When God asks us to do something, He will supply the tools to do it. It is His Word that will save, not ours. We do have to be willing to go out each day with His Word in our souls, so that we may deliver it to others with love. We do not even need to go out searching for the “right field” to sow in, as He will also provide it. God is faithful to His Word, but we must be faithful to Him and believe all that He has given us in our mind and our soul. We can do more than we ever thought possible. We are His hands and His feet and can be His voice. When you wake up each morning, offer yourself to Him to do His will and then let Him do the rest.