Today is Enough


Today is enough for me.

I will not wait for tomorrow.

If I am grateful for what I have,

I will not have room for sorrow.


His blessings are abundant,

But I need to open my eyes.

If I walk in God’s promises,

I will never need to despise.


Despising where I am going,

Not liking where I have been,

God made me for a purpose.

He has my where and when.


He knows my purpose,

And has supplied me with all I need

He has the perfect timing,

To complete the set deed.


Today is a treasure chest,

With so many jewels at hand.

I will look at each carefully.

They are precious and grand.


If I live in the past regretting,

I may miss the nuggets of today.

I need to rest in His presence,

As I talk to Him and pray.


Today is enough for me.

I will not wait for tomorrow.

If I am grateful for what I have,

I will not have room for sorrow


TRW 1-20-16

Ephesian 5:19-20


19 Speaking to yourselves in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody in your heart to the Lord;

20 Giving thanks always for all things unto God and the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ;



“One Day at a Time Sweet Jesus”, is an old song from the 60s. It tells us to be satisfied with what you have and to understand that you have a purpose for every day. If we focus on tomorrow’s possibilities or dwell on yesterday’s disappointments, we will lose the treasure of today. Today only lasts for a moment, so you need to savor all that is placed in front of you. Anyone who has lost their health overnight can tell you what a treasure it is to be able to go to work and earn a living. For those who have lost a loved one to this “earthly death”, can tell you they “wish” they would have called that person yesterday or told them that they love them. Too many times it is about yesterday or tomorrow instead of today. Notice the little things today and be grateful for each morsel of blessing that God has given you and then realize the abundance and not just the morsel. Start today and appreciate the moments we are given from God. Open your eyes and see all of His many blessings and thank Him. Have a smile on your face and contentment in your soul. Savor the moment and sings praises to your God for all the many blessings He has for you today.