Healing of the First Kind


Make God your first stop,

To expect a healing to come.

You have to learn how to walk,

Before you learn how to run.

Take care of the temple,

That you asked Christ to come into.

You have many places to go,

And so much more to do.


You have God’s anointing,

That was put inside of you.

You have His loving power,

To do what He wants you to.

Jesus is our healer.

He paid the price on the cross.

You can now fight off Satan.

You do not need to take a loss.


When words do not come,

And you feel all alone,

Reach out one more time,

For your God, your life, your home.

He can bind your wounds.

He can calm your mind.

Your God is all knowing,

All loving and all kind.


You know it is His power,

That can heal your body and mind.

Your God made you perfect,

You are one of a kind.

Always believe in His goodness.

Always know that He is there.

He is the healer of your body,

Because He always cares.

TRW 1-23-17

Psalm 30:2

O LORD my God, I cried unto thee, and thou hast healed me.


Psalms 147:3

He healeth the broken in heart, and bindeth up their wounds.

There are so many kinds of sickness in this world, as it became corrupt, when Satan won the first battle over man. What Satan was not counting on, was that God still loved His creation. He still loved man and would send a Savior to bring them out of the pit and save them from eternal damnation. When Jesus died for our sins, He overcame all that Satan had corrupted, but we have to claim it. We have to claim healing and health and peace and joy. The battle that we must face is the battle in our mind, where Satan considers his playground. He knows that if he can weaken the mind, he has a chance to bring us down to his level. We have greater tools than he can imagine. We have the Spirit of our Lord, living inside of us to fight the battles. Our Jesus is victorious and we are victorious through Him.