Standing Amazed

20170110_154308Stay Focused


Stay focused on what is good.

Don’t dwell on what is bad.

God’s purpose for your life,

Is to be happy and not sad.

What you focus on today,

Will become your tomorrow,

So smile on your fortune.

Let go of your sorrow.

Be eager to live for Him.

Live one day at a time.

Don’t compromise your soul,

By jumping to the head of the line.

Whatever we do without God,

Will lead to a disaster.

He is the Truth and the Way.

He is our loving Master.

Live each day of your life,

As if it were your last.

Savor each minute of the day,

As you finish each task.

We belong to the Lord,

So let us stay focused on Him.

He is the answer to our life.

With Him we will win.

We are a holy vessel,

To filled with love today.

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