The Beauty Within


You are a creation of God.

You have a beauty within.

You are perfect inside and out.

You have been freed from sin.


Walk in that Godly beauty.

See yourself as He sees you.

You are a Child of the King,

And He is proud of you.


He made you a special color,

He made you a perfect size.

He has covered you with grace.

You are His greatest prize.


Be proud of who you are,

Use what you have been given.

Walk in love and grace.

Show others a piece of heaven.


Heaven is peace and love.

It is not fear and remorse.

Use the beauty you have within,

To stay on your heavenly course.


Be confident in yourself.

You are a child of the King.

Represent Him as you walk.

Praise Him as you sing.


You were created in the image,

Of the Creator of the earth.

You were given perfection,

As you accepted your re-birth.


TRW 2-07-17

Colossians 3:10

And have put on the new man, which is renewed in knowledge after the image of him that created 

In Genesis, it is said that we were created in the image of God. God is perfect in every way. The only ugliness that we have is the ugliness of sin. Jesus came to end that ugliness and to renew our perfection. If we could learn to see ourselves as God see us, we would walk in confidence and in peace. Be proud of your status as a child of the most high God. Realize that your Father is watching over you and is opening good paths for you. Make your Father proud, by spreading His love to others and sharing His good news of salvation to all you meet. Know that God has a band of angels watching over you and protecting you from the enemy. Walk in peace and not in fear. You are beautiful inside and out and will help others to see the love of your Father and the wonders of His grace.