Past the Trial


You have to walk past the trial,

To realize the promises of God above.

You will recognize His awesome power,

And will feel His infinite love.

The trials are never easy.

You feel they will never end.

You recognized a common element.

You have walked it with a friend.


This friend wiped away the tears.

He offered you His hand.

He opened a new path,

And said not to forget the plan.

The plan for you is good.

Joy is coming on the way.

The trial that you’re in,

Is not where He wants you to stay.


Your test will be a testimony,

Of His love and of His grace.

He will bring back a smile,

And wipe the tears from your face.

When you look back at the trial,

You realize you were not alone.

He did not forget or forsake you.

On the way to your eternal home.


These trials are temporary,

As hard as they might seem.

You have a loyal friend,

On Whose arm you can lean.

He will never turn His back.

He has made a path clear too.

He is the Captain of your soul,

And will open the way for you.

TRW 3-07-17

Psalm 30:5


For his anger endureth but a moment; in his favour is life: weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning.


The waiting for a good end is the hardest part of faith. Those who believe that God is watching over us in good times and in bad, still have a hard time waiting for the good times to return. The trials seem to use up so many years of our life that they become the focus of our soul. We may temporarily, lose our vision. We forget who we are and what we were made for. We were not made to please ourselves, but to praise God. When we walk through a hard trial, we realize that God was the One who kept a hold of us. He covered our human weakness and gave us a strength to endure the heartache and the pain. He gave us our joy back in the morning.