Perfect Obedience

Jesus was perfectly obedient.

He went to the cross for you and me.

He paid the ultimate price,

So we could be perfectly free.

He took all that was imperfect,

And made it right again.

He wiped away our failures,

And called us a welcomed friend.


He took away our illnesses.

He took away worry and strife.

He opened a new way,

A path for a good life.

He gave us His power,

As He ascended on high.

He authorized us to live in joy.

He wiped the tears from our eyes.


Grace provided for our new life,

But we have to believe in His Word.

The power has been supplied.

His love is the shield and sword.

He brought us our healing,

Through His stripes and pain.

He gave His “all” for us,

So that we could ultimately gain.


We have to accept the responsibility,

If we have a lousy life.

Jesus brought us back into favor.

He provided relief of strife.

He fought the battle with Satan.

He did so with His word.

We now have control over Satan,

In this weak and tainted world.

TRW 3-31-17

Luke 9:1

Then he called his twelve disciples together, and gave them power and authority over all devils, and to cure diseases.

Jesus was obedient to His Father in heaven. He came out of the peace of heaven, was born a human birth and lived in a human body and experienced physical pain and emotional suffering. He set example after example for us while He completed His ministry on this earth. He showed us the healing of mind, body and soul. He gave us specific words, but He could only do these things because God gave Him the authority to do these things on earth. When it was time for Him to give His life for us, He gave His authority to His disciples (His followers) to do the same miracles that He did while on earth. The power of Jesus, has been given to those who believe in Him and His authority. We need to listen for the voice of God and be obedient to His calling in our lives.