Difficulties to Destiny

God will use your difficulties,

To bring you to your destiny.

Your trouble will transport you,

To where you are meant to be.

You develop your inner man,

When your outside is troubled.

Wait for the results in God’s plan,

For your joy to be doubled.


God is preparing you today,

For the tomorrows in your life.

A hope will come from darkness.

A peace will replace your strife.

Until Satan entered the picture,

The earth was a perfect place,

But God had a plan for redemption,

To bring triumph through His grace.


Look at your troubles today,

As transportation to the end.

The only Captain of your life,

Is a dear and faithful friend.

He has a perfect destiny.

He has set the table for you.

He will direct your path,

His favor will shine through.


On earth, things don’t look good.

But God sees from a different place.

You are a child of the King.

You resemble His Holy Face.

You were made in His likeness.

There is nothing more beautiful.

He has great plans for you.

Replacing your “empty” for “full”.

TRW 4-02-17

Jeremiah 29:11


 For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the LORD, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.


It seems that much of our life is spent in turmoil and troubles. We wonder if we will ever find peace and joy or if our whole life is going to be a continual battle. The bills get ahead of us. Our health seems to be under attack, Our children are struggling. Relationships are rocky. Things are breaking down. We wonder what we did to deserve all of these troubles. We look at our life and wonder if it will ever change. It is true that in this life, there will be troubles, but God is watching our circumstances. He is preparing a way out, but we have to live in faith, of His faithfulness. Troubles may be the transportation to a better life. The devil and his evil ways cannot defeat us unless we give up. Satan tries to get us so far down that we cannot see the Light of God shining through. Look ahead to the place where God plans for you to go.