Bitter not Better

Bitterness can destroy.

it can take over your life,

leading to more heartache,

continuing to walk in strife.


There is One who can make it better.

He is the only way,

to take the bitter to better,

at the end of the day.


He has enough grace and mercy,

to take your past away,

and lead you to a future,

where you will want to stay.


he can take a hateful heart,

and fill it with His love,

but you have to ask for favor,

from His throne up above.


He can take the gravest sin,

and make it white as snow,

so when you are bitter,

you just have one place to go.


go tot the Master’s seat,

and ask His forgiveness right now.

he will take your bitter,

and turn it better somehow.


TRW 5-08-17

When a person becomes bitter, it is because Satan has used an earthly circumstance and enlarged it so that a person does not see a way out. The battle is in the mind but it can affect the soul. these battles can break a person’s spirit.  God’s Spirit that can reside in you can   make the bitter better.  Call upon the Name of Jesus for a change in your life. don’t settle for less than better.


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