Make a Change


Make a change in my heart.

Make a change in my soul.

Lord You have what I need,

To be healed and whole.

You can take the broken pieces,

And put them back in place.

You  can renew my faith,

With Your amazing grace.


You can take the sins,

That haunt my mind.

You can renew my sight,

Where I once was blind.

You can bring back my joy.

You can bring me relief.

You can protect me from Satan,

Who is a liar and a thief.


Take my broken heart,

And make it brand new.

I want to be a vessel,

That You can work through.

I want to help another,

That has been broken in two.

I want to assure them of a future,

And all that You can do.


The blind will be able to see.

The deaf will be able to hear.

They will be able to feel again,

And not live in constant fear.

Sin has left them dead,

With no feeling of true love.

I want to introduce them,

To my Savior up above.


A Savior they can lean on,

And be able to claim His Name.

He is the Creator of the universe,

And our Savior, All the same.

TRW 5-08-17

Psalms 147:3

 He healeth the broken in heart, and bindeth up their wounds.


Jesus did many miracles on this earth. He healed the sick, raised the dead, and fought off Satan. He showed true love and forgiveness. His final act was to die on the cross as a pure and holy sacrifice to wipe away our sins and to allow us access to our Father in heaven. No more sacrifices are needed for our transgressions. We can now go directly to our Father God and ask for forgiveness through the sacrifice of Jesus. Healing of the heart and soul are even more important than bodily healing. When a person has a broken spirit, it changes who they are and who God meant for them to be. Their faith has been attacked but not destroyed. Satan plants seeds of unworthiness in their brains and they may feel unworthy to even approach God about helping them. They may feel like they should be punished in hell for an eternity, but they still wonder if life could be better. Do they have a chance for happiness and forgiveness? A person has nothing to lose by going to God for help and for forgiveness. He is the only chance they really have to receive a change in their heart and a renewing of their soul. Why would a person turn to God for help? The better question is why not!!!! What does a person have to lose? The better question is what do they have to gain…. Peace, joy, love, forgiveness verses fear, sadness and guilt. Choose the One who can make a change for eternity, not just a change for a moment.