The God of Grace


Do you know the God of Grace?

Do you know the God of love,

Are you afraid of condemnation,

Coming from His throne above?

Do you have faith in His love?

His forgiveness is so strong.

Go to Him in trust and faith,

Even when you have done wrong.


Faith is the means by which,

His love flows from above.

He is the lover of your soul,

And will fill you with Hs love.

Punishment was taken away,

By our Savior on the cross.

He suffered for our sins,

So that we would not be lost.


The old law had punishment,

For anything we did wrong.

Jesus brought the new law of love,

It is a sweet and assuring song.

We can call on His Name,

If we mess up and sin.

He will cover us with grace,

And allow us to win.


We will win in the end.

It is written in the Holy Book.

If you have not found forgiveness,

Then you need to take another look.

God is not the cause of trouble.

He is not the cause of your pain.

He is not paying you back.

He does not place the blame.


He is aware of  Satan,

And all his evil plans.

Satan tries to separate you,

From God on this land.



Satan accuses and is the abuser,

Of your heart and your soul.

He will keep you separated,

From the One who makes you whole.

God is the God of grace.

He is there for you today.

Just use the Name of Jesus,

As you go to Him and pray.

TRW 5-10-17


2 Corinthians 12:9

And he said unto me, My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness. Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me.

God’s grace is sufficient for us to make it through this life. We cannot make it on our own power. We are weak, but with Him in us, we can be made strong. We can fight Satan off with the presence of the Holy Spirit in us. Many people want to try to change “their ways”, before they decide to be saved by God’s grace. They are getting things a little backwards, since when you ask Jesus into your heart, His Spirit enters your soul and then you have the means to fight the battles against sin. Satan will always try to tempt you as long as you live on this earth. It is not a physical battle, but a battle in your mind. Satan tries to remove the seed of faith that is given to every man. He causes human misery. He tempts man with sin by lying to him and telling him how good he will feel if he lives following his own desires. Man tries to please his flesh more than his soul and gets in trouble and then feels the guilt that goes along with sin. Guilt makes a person run and hide from God. There is no place that God can’t see. There is nothing that God can’t change, but He wants His children to ask Him for help. His love and grace is sufficient for all to live a good life. He is a God of Love, but He gives His children free will to make their own choices, which may not be good choices. Stay in communication with your Father to lead you and guide you.