Hear Me Oh Lord


Hear me oh Lord,

At the start of my day.

I will worship You my God,

Before I talk to You today.


I want to thank you right now,

For all that You have done for me.

I have a bright future now,

Because You have set me free.


Here I am in the middle of the day,

But I need to stop right now.

I need to be re-fueled.

I need Your presence somehow.


My world is filled with obstacles,

But I know You can calm the waves.

You are the God of Grace,

And Your mercy and love saves.


I am re-fueled now My God.

My darkness has been broken.

As I go to You in prayer,

Your Word has been spoken.


I can lean on Your Word,

In the morning and the night.

You can take my darkness.

And bring me back to the light.


My day has been spent,

But I will take some time for You.

I am so thankful for Your presence,

And for all that You do.


You have made my path easier.

You have lightened my soul

I can be broken in two,

But You alone can make me whole.


TRW 5-18-17


Psalm 42:8


8 Yet the LORD will command his lovingkindness in the daytime, and in the night his song shall be with me, and my prayer unto the God of my life.


David praised God all day long, even when he was in the middle of the battles. David knew where his strength came from. He would ask God for victories and praise Him for His lovingkindness. David walked in close communication with God along the path of life.

David did not always live a life which could honor God. He sinned and he made some big mistakes in his humanness. David knew when He was wrong and went back to God, when he found himself deep in sin. God had a plan for David. He was chosen for greatness, but he fell short of being a perfect example of what man should be, if he were to represent God. Keep God in your daily life, all day long and live to learn more about His lovingkindness.