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Not Staying Here


I’m not staying here.

It’s not where God wants me to be.

I want to feel His peace,

And what He has set for me.

Where am I to go?

What path should I take?

I have my regrets.

I’ve made many mistakes.


I will fix my mind on,

What God has planned for me.

I will try to do His will,

And go where He wants me to be.

I will focus on the good,

Not to be overtaken by the bad,

I will reject the lies of Satan,

And all that has made me sad.


I will wear a robe of righteousness.

He paid the price for me.

I will overcome it all.

My Savior has set me free.

Love can conquer hate.

Truth can overcome it all.

I will wear His confidence.

I will not take the fall.


I am more than a conqueror.

I have an inheritance above.

I am a child of the King,

Covered by His peace and love.

I am not staying here.

I have greater things to do.

I will share His Spirit,

And let His love shine through.


TRW 5-7-17






Romans 8:37


37 Nay, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him that loved us.


Life as a Christian is about working through every day that we do spiritual battle and always looking to tomorrow that will be better than today. God sees us today and is preparing for our tomorrow. In God we trust. We need to our best to represent the Master of the Universe, and our Lord and my Savior. We need to stay focused on the “big picture” instead of what d just visible to our present status. We have such limited vision when it comes to creation and eternity.  This world is only a temporary setting for our lives. Our real destination is heaven with our Father and Creator(Who made us), our Lord and Savior who was the sacrifice for our transgressions, and the Holy Spirit Who has guided us through our lives.