I am related to the One,

Who can change my life forever.

I am related to the One,

Who does not use the word “Never”.

He opens the doors to health.

He covers His children with love.

His grace is poured out every day,

From His throne up above.


I am His favored child.

He watches me every day.

I can feel the safety of His arms,

Where I will always stay.

He is my safe shelter.

He is the Way to my future.

He is my loving Father.

He is there to direct and nurture.


God will overrule the troubles,

That Satan is throwing my way.

He is the final judge of my life.

With Him, I will be allowed to stay.

I will put His Name above,

All that troubles me in life.

He will take away my burdens,

And cover all my strife.


“He can” and “He will”,

Are words I can count on.

Jesus is preparing a place for me.

This I can depend upon.

I am a child of the King.

He will supply more than wealth.

He is my peace and comfort.

He is the keeper of my health.


I will honor my Father,

As I am related to Him.

He has made me who I am,

Refreshed and free of sin.



He is overruling everything,

That is going to cause me harm.

I am related to the One,

Who is holding me in His arms.

TRW 5-21-17


2 Thessalonians 2:15

 Therefore, brethren, stand fast, and hold the traditions which ye have been taught, whether by word, or our epistle.


I have no doubts that I serve a God who loves me and Who thinks I am special. I know we are related because He is my loving Father and Jesus, my Brother died for my sins so that someday I could be with them forever in heaven. I can walk every day of my life, expecting things to get better, because of my relationship with God. On Him, I can rely. With Him, I can stand. I am surrounded by His love and His grace and mercy. Only God has the perfect kind of love that can forgive and forget all of our transgressions. I will forever be faithful to Him, because He is always faithful to me.