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What Mother Means to Me


How do I describe my Mother,

And what she means to me.

These words a just a part,

Of what God made perfectly.


M is for Magnificent.

She walks in majesty and grace.

She is caring and compassionate.

Pride flows from her face.


O is for Outstanding.

She stands above the rest.

Life has not been easy,

But she passes every test.


T is for Tender.

She loves, she believes and she trusts.

She hides her tears of sadness,

As she knows how to forgive us.


H is for Honorable.

She lives in truth and honesty.

She keeps a diligent watch,

As she sets her children free.


E is for Extraordinary.

She is playful, energetic and fun.

Yet she can overcome losses,

Because she knows where to run.


R is for Remarkable.

Her legacy of love is passed on.

She prays for her children now,

And will continue when they have gone.


She has fought the battles bravely,

With God by her side.

She has done her job well,

And in God she does confide.


He has taken all her worries,

He has taken all her fears.

He has held her precious heart,

As He has wiped away the tears.


She has taken what He has given,

To raise the children right.

She should walk in His glory,

And rest well through the night.


She has not been perfect.

She has not been without sin,

But when she meets her Savior,

He will say ‘Enter In”.


You are one of My best creations.

You love beyond all measure.

A Mother is a brilliant gem,

And is life’s greatest treasure.


I thank God in the morning,

And I praise Him again at night.

For giving me a Mother,

Who can make me feel alright.

TRW 5-14-17


Luke 2:19

But Mary kept all these things, and pondered them in her heart.

It is special to me that only once in the King James version of the Bible, was the word “Pondered” used.  The word ponder  according to Webster’s dictionary “implies a careful weighing of a problem or, often, prolonged inconclusive thinking about a matter. pondered the course of action⟩ meditate implies a definite focusing of one’s thoughts on something so as to understand it deeply.” This describes a mother. She never stops thinking about her children. She prays for her children with every worrisome thought. She goes over and over things in her mind. She tries hard to do good, even if life is not easy. She notices all that is good about her kids and avoids pondering on the “not-so-good” things. She is you advocate and will never stop believing in you. Her heart is always opened to your needs and she will call out the her heavenly Father to intercede and to destroy the attacks of Satan on your life. She is your own personal prater warrior. She can be ferocious when needed and a gentle place to land when you need comfort.  The kind words in this poem came from “grown up” kids on Mother’s day and it was the best gift ever.