The Weaker Moments


The weaker moments in life,

Are times to strengthen your life.

You are being tested with problems.

You have more worry and strife.


It is a time of better choices.

It is a time of fervent prayer.

You reach out to your Savior,

The One who always cares.


The fruit of one direction,

May be pleasing to the eyes,

But the choices you make,

Might be covered by a disguise.


It may not be the best choice,

So you need to stop and pray.

Ask God for what He wants,

And how He can use you each day.


There may be a complete disaster,

At the end of the tempting road.

Are you listening for His voice,

And following what you’ve been told?


The choices in your life,

May be difficult to make.

You can find a disaster.

In life, you can make a mistake.


Where is the path leading?

Will you be closer to God above?

Is the path leading to false happiness,

Filled with turmoil and not with love?


The weaker moments in life,

You will find yourself in more prayer.

You find need of your Savior,

The One who will always care.


TRW 6-04-17


Genesis 35:3

And let us arise, and go up to Bethel; and I will make there an altar unto God, who answered me in the day of my distress, and was with me in the way which I went.

Throughout the Bible, you will find many good people who went through many trials. Those who made it through the trial were those who took time to praise and pray. They would build an altar where they spent quiet time with God to be able to hear His voice more clearly. They went through some very hard times, but relied on God to help them to the other side. They were all seeking a better life of peace and where their needs would be met.  They realized that the Creator of the Universe could change their circumstances. Christians still rely on God to help them through the hard times. The hard times bring a person to a closer relationship with God. They learn that they have to give their problems to God, because everything they do, does not bring about the results of peace. The weaker times in life bring us to spiritual growth, so in many ways, the bad times are actually blessed times as well.