The Harvest Will Come


The harvest will come,

But you must first plant a seed.

You have to provide Living Water.

You must pull out the weeds.

The seed you sow today,

Must be the best kind.

It must reach the soul,

And challenge the mind.


The seed cannot be dead.

It has to have a soft core,

For a person to want to try it,

For a person to want much more.

It has to be from the right source.

The truth must be sown.

If you plant a lie,

Then evil will be grown.


It must wet the appetite.

It must intrigue the mind.

It must lead them to the Father,

Who is all-giving and kind.

There will be storms in life,

That might destroy the crop.

There has to be a gardener,

Who knows how to stop.


Stopping any form of danger,

Keeping the seedling from harm.

The gardener really cares,

And will shield it from all harm.

The gardener cares about the outcome.

There is a harvest coming soon.

There is a great feast coming,

As the garden comes in bloom.


The Gardener will gather in,

All that is not weeds.

He will bless those who nourished,

Each precious little seed.


TRW 6-07-17

Matthew 9:38

Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he will send forth labourers into his harvest.

God will use us, if we are willing to bring people to him. As Christians, it is important that we plant he right seed. We have to plant love, generosity, and faithfulness. We have to nourish with the Word of God. We have to watch and help the young seedlings (Chrisitans) that are going through storms in life. We have to watch every day and pray for them, as there are insects that try to eat away at their faith. There are weeds that want to grow taller than they do and choke the life out of them, so that there will be more weeds than good crop.  God will supply the Truth, but He needs faithful gardeners to tend the fields. He needs those who are willing to water, nourish and to weed. Faithful Christians will have a place at the harvest and the wedding feast of Jesus, when He gathers His bride (the church) home to heaven.