Give Just to Give


Give just to give.

It is an extension of your love.

Don’t do it for a return,

From your Father up above.

You cannot buy love.

You cannot buy health.

God is the source of happiness.

Happiness is better than wealth.


Giving produces satisfaction,

When you help your brother.

We are all God’s children,

As we help one another.

God will guide you,

If you listen for His voice.

Giving is not required,

But giving is a choice.


You will be blessed in your effort.

It may not seem like much now.

But in the grand scheme of things,

It will make a difference somehow.

Your brother may be hurting.

He may have given up,

In this world that is so hectic,

In a place that is so corrupt.


You may be giving a taste of,

God’s mercy from above.

It may seem little to you,

But it is an extension of God’s love.

You may have been the answer,

To someone’s little prayer.

They needed a helping hand,

To know that someone cares.


So give just to give,

As God has done for you.

Be the one today,

To let His love shine through.



You have given someone hope,

To help them along life’s way.

You have blocked the lies of Satan,

And kept them from going astray.

They have started to look up,

Instead of looking down.

They have a helper in this life,

To turn their heart around.


They will be thanking God,

For the help He sent to them.

He did not turn away,

But sent them a friend.

TRW 6-8-17


Deuteronomy 16:17

Every man shall give as he is able, according to the blessing of the LORD thy God which he hath given thee.

A person needs to stay aware of others who have needs and be willing to help them as they are able. Listen to God’s direction and watch for people who He may have placed in your path in life, who need encouraged in God. Do not expect anything in return. There is a “heart gift” you receive, just for giving. You feel good in your heart. You did not give just to get a return. You gave because it is just right to help others. When someone blesses you, you will feel God’s hand upon it. We are not alone here on earth, and we need to stay mindful of our purpose in the little things as well as the big things. If you use your finances by giving to others, God will supply you with more.