holden sunset

Burned Out


Burned out in life.

Tired of the way I’m going.

My fountain has run dry.

My energy has stopped flowing.

Ups and downs may happen,

As on this road I go.

I am looking for the fountain,

Where fresh water will flow.


I know the source of that grace,

But I feel disconnected somehow.

I need a renewing of my faith.

I need a new path right now.

I need a revelation for my life.

My bones all feel so dry.

I have lost my inner joy.

Too many tears I’ve cried.


I have to look up,

For His grace to flow down.

If  I wallow in regrets,

I will surely drown.

Lord I need a lifeline,

I need to feel you with me.

I want this depression broken.

I need to be set free.


I will breathe in your mercy,

I will savor all of Your grace.

I will keep my head up,

As I seek Your Holy Face.

I long for that peace,

That You alone can give.

I choose to seek your love.

I will surely begin to live.


You will refresh me today.

You alone can soothe my soul.

I am in your perfect will.

With you I will become whole.


TRW 6-16-17

1 Chronicles 16:11

Seek the LORD and his strength, seek his face continually.

We are weak in our flesh and we tire easily. We give up too quickly. We want  things and we want them now!!!. We are an instant generation. We want to gratify ourselves everyday with things. It may be food, money, praise from others, clothes, trinkets, etc. We fail to look at the big scheme of things. We forget our real purpose. Is it to please ourselves or is it to please God? This is the reason for burnout. We want to see the results of our labor. In reality, we may never see the results of our labor. We have to allow ourselves to be satisfied with where we are at and what we are doing. If we feel empty, we need to go to the “Book” and find out what really fills us. Test yourself about what you are doing to serve God or His people. Are you walking in faith and are you representing your Father in heaven? If the answer is yes, then be satisfied and walk in peace, enjoying all of your blessings, and continue to enjoy the favor of God.