Blessed by an Angel


We were blessed by an angel,

Who came here on earth.

She bragged about her Jesus,

And how He gave her a re-birth.

You could feel her presence,

As her wings passed you by.

She was there to say a prayer,

Or comfort you when you cried.


She held out her hand,

Even when she didn’t feel so good.

She represented her Father,

Like she knew she could.

She shared her hope with others,

Who did not have enough of their own.

She bragged about her Jesus,

And how heaven was her real home.


She was given to us for a moment,

It was way too short, it is clear,

How can we replace that angel,

The one we held so dear.

She does not need to be replaced,

She will always be with us now.

She has a perfect new body,

But her spirit is the same somehow.


She was an amazing lady here,

But there is more she is meant to be.

She is with her Lord and Savior.

She has truly been set free.

Free of any more worries.

Free of any more tears or pain.

She is being led by her Savior,

To what she had to gain.


Heaven is for real,

And so is her Father above.

She has total peace,

As she is embraced with His love.


TRW 7-02-17


2 Corinthians 5:8

We are confident, I say, and willing rather to be absent from the body, and to be present with the Lord.

How can a person be so sad and yet so happy at the same time? With God all things are possible. When a Christian is called home to heaven, we are assured of their safety for an eternity. As we mourn for ourselves during these earthly deaths, we also are relieved, knowing that what eternity in heaven holds. I believe in all of God’s promises and am assured of His love and His mercy. I believe that heaven is beautiful beyond measure. I believe that heaven has the natural light of the presence of our Savior. When we have earthly encounters with our Savior, here on earth, it is a peace that cannot be explained. It is beyond words. I think that this is just a peak of what it is really going to be like in heaven.  In our earthly bodies and minds, there will always be some turmoil and pain, but our heavenly bodies will be perfection. We will hold sweet memories of Glenna and smile, but we will miss this person who brought the love, peace and assurance to so many while she walked through her trials. God gave us an example of how He wants us to walk here on earth until we are allowed to go home with Him for an eternity and be united with those who went before us.