My Defender

I don’t need to defend myself,

As my Captain will answer today.

My God goes before me in battle,

So I can face each new day.


I don’t need to give an answer,

My life in in God’s hands.

Others may not believe me,

Or even try to understand.


I have One Perfect Master,

Who I want to please each day.

I will ask Him for His covering,

As I go to Him and pray.


I am a child of the King.

He is the Master of the Universe.

He is the Defender of my life,

Every word and every verse.


He walks with me in trials,

He takes me through my fear.

He loves me beyond measure,

And hold my secrets dear.


He is on the scene when I need Him.

He goes before me today.

He is the Captain of this ship,

And will not lead me astray.


I will walk without fear,

As My Defender has already won.

He paid the price for my wrong.

He is the bright and shining Son.


He will go before me.

He will set my path straight.

I will see Him always before me,

As I enter heaven’s gate.


TRW 7-02-17


Ecclesiastes 51:2


 For thou art my defender and helper, and has preserved my body from destruction, and from the snare of the slanderous tongue, and from the lips that forge lies, and has been mine helper against mine adversaries:


Every day in life here on earth, we may need to face battles. Satan is always trying to mess up our lives. He does this in the realms of the mind. Satan tries to destroy our trust in God. He makes us think of our shortcomings and tries to shame us with those thoughts. He tries to weaken our relationship with God.  When we accepted Jesus as our Lord and Savior, He left us His Spirit to live within us. We have the strength within  us to face any battle we will face. We need to claim our Defender boldly, so that He is in front of us on the battlefield. He is our shield and our sword. We can face the adversary with confidence. Tell Satan that we have read the end of the Holy Bible…. And we win!!!!!