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Fear Not Tomorrow


Fear not today.

Fear not tomorrow.

God will be your shield,

In heartache and sorrow.


He will protect you,

And guide you each day.

Away from His grace,

You will not stay.


His mercy is abundant,

And so is His grace.

You can look to a future,

As you seek His Holy Face.


Fear not this day.

Fear not this night.

He can take your darkness,

And refresh it with light.


In His light there is no fear.

His power is with you each day.

Whenever you accept Jesus,

His Spirit is with you to stay.


Do not fear your  future,

For He holds it in His hand.

He is preparing you a place,

In His glorious land.


It is a land without evil.

It is a place of total love.

We will be with the King.

He is our Father up above.


Trials, we will have some.

Fears may come too.

He says “fear not” my child,

For I will not forsake you.


TRW 7-02-17



Genesis 15:1


After these things the word of the LORD came unto Abram in a vision, saying, Fear not, Abram: I am thy shield, and thy exceeding great reward.


This verse goes on to say that Abram would have many children even though he had become a very old man and his wife was also very old. Sometimes we go over and over in our head, the promises of God and we wonder if it will happen in this life or the next. God is so big and powerful that we cannot possibly have a total understanding of His thoughts or His ways. We have to walk by faith, even if we have daily worries or fears. There are 365 places in the Bible that talk of fear, so it is obvious that it is a human weakness to fear and to lose faith. That is the reason it is so important to attend a place of praise and to be fed the Word of God. We must stay nourished so that we do not stray from the truth. Disappointments in life trigger doubts and that is where Satan wants you to stay. He instigates fear and wants to separate you from the covering of your Father in heaven.