Time to Get Serious

It’s time to get serious,

About our relationship with God.

Enjoying all of His promises,

As on this earth we trod.


We are foremost a spirit,

That comes in a form of a man.

There are angels all around us,

As we travel in this land.


God is with us always,

Until the end of the earth,

And then we have heaven,

Because of our re-birth.


We have to believe in God’s Word.

We need to consume His love.

We need to rely on His Mercy,

That flows from heaven above.


We need to say out loud,

That we are a child of the King.

We need to walk in His favor.

We wear the signet ring.


His grace is sufficient for all,

To walk in righteousness and not fear.

Know that He will lift us up,

And wipe away each tear.


Walk in His perfect love.

Trust in His perfect time.

Believe in His holy Word,

Knowing His love is sublime.


A relationship is trust.

With God it is the deepest kind.

It’s time to get serious.

Take Him into your soul and mind.


TRW 7-04-17


Romans 1 :17


For therein is the righteousness of God revealed from faith to faith: as it is written, The just shall live by faith.


Getting serious about God is to really absorb the facts into your soul. We trust that God has all things under control for those who love and serve Him. There may be havoc all around and yet we can walk in a calmness that is hard to understand. We can be a beacon of hope for others, as they see us walk in a calm assurance. There is peace when you walk with God, because you know that he has your back covered. You are assured that you will never walk alone, but His Spirit is within you to help and guide you. Get serious is to read and study His Word. Absorb the Word into your soul. There is no special requirement of time, but you will just want to learn more and to do more to lift His Name up high. Others will want what you have, because they will see that peace and contentment. They will notice how traumatic events, do not cause you to fall apart. You may cry and you may react to upsetting events, but you will not wander around without purpose. You will continue to walk with trust in God for good and not for evil. This is what “faith to faith” implies. It does not mean that Christians will not have problems, but that they will recover from that problem, and give praise to God for His faithfulness in walking through the problem with them.